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Friday 18 May 2012

Personal 3D Printing with Resin - B9Creator

One of the most recent entry-level 3D printers to hit the market via a crowd funded channel has got my attention — and that of many others it would seem. The B9Creator project created a spectacular buzz around 3D printing when it hit its $50,000 target within 24 hours, this virtually doubled by 48 hours. The well-deserved attention and amazing success has come, I think, from the fact that this 3D printer offers individuals within the 3D printing user community an alternative to the FDM process.
The B9Creator — the brainchild of Michael Joyce — is a compact, resin based 3D printer and offers users the benefits of resin 3D printing, namely highly detailed, high resolution parts (compare the typical 100µm layer of the B9Creator with the 200µm from a comparable FDM printer). Also the build volume (3” x 4” x 8”) is pretty impressive. For curing the resin materials, the B9Creator employs a light projector and is both effective and safe. Although available in kit form and at a price of $2,375 for the full kit (on kickstarter), the demand for this sort of printer is more than evident by the response it has got. It also looks quirky and has an attraction all of its own, IMO, this is by virtue of the fact that it does mirror the aesthetics of its professional grade big brothers.

With the target funding at almost 300%, this project is all set to go full speed ahead. Congratulations to Mike, and the very best of luck, for, as he says in his own blog, this is where the real work starts. After sourcing all the components shipping of the printers should begin in August.

Full kickstarter project can be viewed here


  1. Hopefully this is the first of many resin DLP based systems to come out of the open source market. I'm particularly curious to see how RepRap organisation responds to this. On a recent post Adrian Bowyer said they were actively looking at DLP chips and resin systems.

    It is not to diminish the achievements of B9Creator, but if one guy can do all that in a few months, think what a whole opensource community can achieve.

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