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Tuesday 21 April 2009

My Blogging Philosophy

So, I have created a blog — why?

Honest answer, I'm not sure really.

I have followed a number of blogs over the last year or so, some good and some not so good; and yes, certainly I do see a value attached them. As a channel for providing information / opinion on, well, pretty much anything really, they have a definite purpose.

I have also struggled with the concept, possibly taking it too seriously: do the blogs serve the user or the blogger? I do not have the answer yet.

By setting up this blog my motivations were varied, from the altruistic intention of offering objective opinions and information on my particular area of expertise, namely advanced technologies for manufacturing, together with the less philanthropic idea of utilising a popular media channel to increase my profile within this industry. Can those two things sit comfortably side by side?

There are also other questions that I do not yet have answers to, such as: who will read this? will anybody read this or am I just sitting here writing to myself? will they get anything from it?

Time will tell I guess — but I am an optimist so onwards and upwards.