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Wednesday 12 May 2010

The Only Way Forward in British Politics?

We have the big picture established, with the details to follow.

The Tories and the Liberal Democrats have formed a full-on coalition, which has been achieved following serious and comprehensive negotiations. Compromise on both sides and a real flavour of hope and optimism. That is my own sense of this result, the two parties in question seem largely to have bought into it too, and there is even a notable number of Labour MPs that concede this was the only stable way forward. Of course, you can not please all of the people, all of the time and there will be dissenters.

With two young, dynamic, positive personalities leading this new era in British politics the potential is great, along with the weight of expectation. They both hold pertinent ideologies, and ideology is all very well, even admirable, but this country is faced with some difficult realities. And it is the realities that need to be dealt with. With this in mind, the fact that no one party holds a majority means that the issues and the problems will all be faced on middle ground out of necessity. I really like this idea. Recent history has demonstrated to me that one party pushing through ideologies with a majority has not worked well. This might!

It will not be easy — it is unlikely that passionate, sometimes arrogant and self-interested, personalities will change overnight. Passion is good. Arrogance and self-interest is unhelpful. The dust needs to settle, but that watershed moment I mentioned yesterday may be here as the face of politics and politicians (literally and figuratively) changes. Will it be for the better? I truly hope so.

Tuesday 11 May 2010

I Have to Voice my Opinion on this Political Mess .....

After years of apathy on matters political, the UK population seems to have become more engaged thanks to the results of the recent general election. From a personal point of view, I have always used my vote, strongly believing that as part of a democratic society, I had a duty and a responsibility to do so. That said, it has always been with more than a hint of indifference because of the nature of politicians over the last 20 years (the time I have been eligible to vote).

It is the nature of politicians and NOT the nature of politics that subdued my interest. For years the theatrical performances from front line politicians that have towed the various party lines fuelled my frustration — I am sure I am not alone in my desire for a party (or even an individual) to stand up and tell the truth, the whole truth: the good, the bad, and the downright ugly, and to deal with the problems we face head on with dignity and character.

There was a brief window of opportunity last Friday, as the results of the election came through, where real hope for a genuine renaissance in British politics glimmered. A hung parliament, it was what we had been told was coming but no one quite believed it. Once confirmed, my personal opinion was that it was possibly a result that could see the three major parties reassess, and push politicians towards putting country before party and self-interest. The need to negotiate and compromise could potentially result in a parliamentary situation that would prevent a repeat of the operational dictatorship that the Labour party has effectively enjoyed during the last 13 years that has resulted in some near on catastrophic legislation — the ramifications of which are not fully apparent yet.  

Delusional, is the conclusion I have come to.

Me, that is!!

Momentarily the rhetoric sounded right — the statesmen-like performances sounded different with a subtle shift in parlance and politicians engaging in straight-talking. Within a day it had become critically apparent that it was just the start of a new game! Party priorities, self-interest and power-hungry UNELECTED individuals are still wielding their poison, mostly behind closed doors; this, together with indecision and a lack of real vision are the characteristics that define this generation of politicians.

"Strong, stable, principled governement."

That is the verbiage that is coming from every party! I whole-heartedly believe that's what we need, and I am sickeningly aware that it's not what we are going to get.

There is one option that offers the vital stability, but even now it is not clear that the UK will get it.
Strong — unlikely.
Principled — just who do they think they are kidding???

Principles do not rate very highly in the Westminster bubble. Along with morals, ethics, truth and standards; principles have pretty much been obliterated amongst parliamentarians, shamefully replaced by sociopathic, power-hungry, fame-driven, money-grabbing individuals who are only too happy to believe their own press.

The key missing skill — the ability to listen.

The press analysts, pundits and comedians have got plenty of material to sink their teeth into, but it doesn't really help and the confusion is profound.

I am loathe to let the hope die completely, I still await the watershed moment that we need to fundamentally change the nature of the politicians we elect and by association, clean up the political arena in which they operate.