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Monday, 14 May 2012

Objet's Formal Comment on Colour 3D Printing Capabilities

This morning I received a press kit from Objet, I am assuming other press outlets have received the same. But for the record and to follow up on my blog post, and the ensuing comment stream, from last week, here it is for any interested parties, in full:

"The Objet Pompidou event was a special R&D technology demonstration, presenting Objet capabilities in color DMs (Digital Materials). It has been a dedicated R&D project aimed specifically for this event and to show Long Term technological capabilities of Objet DM and Connex technology.

Following this event there is no change in Objet's offering and portfolio."

Not a huge amount to go on, and nothing about the breadth and depth, or indeed limitations, of the capabilities and what they might mean for 3D printing applications in the real world.

I get the feeling this is intentional!? ;-)


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