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Tuesday 1 March 2016

Archiving some of My Work on RPES

I couldn't be happier at the way that 2016 is panning out work wise, as a "proper" freelancer. With regular writing gigs now with All3DP, fabbaloo and the GrabCAD blog, as well as a renegotiated freelance contract with Disruptive and the AM Shows I get to write and talk about 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing with a range of different audiences. What I like about this is that my perspective is wider and demands looking more often at the big picture while also narrowing in on specific issues and developments across the ecosystem.

Anyway, with my work being spread out more I thought it might be a good idea to bring it all together in one place, a kind of archive, and will go back to at least the beginning of last year, where a lot of my intensive work was published in a magazine. All articles and posts here will reference the original source where first published, with links, where applicable.

I apologise in advance if this fills up inboxes for followers here - feel free to unfollow / delete / or maybe if something catches your eye, read and feed back :-)

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