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Tuesday 8 March 2016

3dprintmaterials.guru Aims to Solve Your Filament Needs

Post written for All3DP.com 
3D printing filament materials, there are literally hundreds of them on the market now with a multitude of brands each selling — and promoting — a broad range of filament types. It’s a lucrative business and one that continues to grow in line with sales of desktop 3D printers. The desktop 3D printer community of users is a vocal — and vibrant — one and there is much sharing of information both about the hardware and material options on forums and in social media groups.
For users looking to source filament materials for a specific 3D printer and/or application, vendor spec sheets can be a good starting point, followed up by independent tests on certain materials. But, and this is the rub, independent user feedback is hard to source without trawling through multitudinous websites and pages of opinions to find suitablematerials. It can be a worthwhile effort, but also time consuming and expensive with a trial and error approach.

A new web-based platform from www.3dprintmaterials.guru is the first in the industry that aims to provide a solution to this problem and allow desktop 3D printer users to source suitable filament materials for their specific 3D printer model and a range of different applications.....
Full article can be found here


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