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Tuesday 26 July 2011

Top Picks - Recent Applications of 3D Printing

So I promised I would, and, good as my word, here are my favourites.

It probably doesn't need saying, but this has been a completely subjective exercise. These are the ones that, for me, have the 'wow' factor. You don't have to agree!!

In no particular order .....

The Mushroom Cloud Shaped Nuke Lamp is visually beautiful and conceptually disturbing.  It is designed by Veneridesign and available from Shapeways.  Found courtesy of technabob.

Process: Laser Sintering 

Came across this on Twitter, courtesy of  Jason Lopes (@jasonmlopes). It’s really not pretty, but impressive & realistic replication nonetheless!

Process: Polyjet (Objet)

“We’re on the verge of a revolution,” says Clarks International Digital Development Manager Ross Authers. “It is a revolution of efficiency and of process.”

This is an often-overlooked application of 3D printing these days amidst the excitement of  3D printed products for sale direct to the consumer. However, 3D printing is a vitally useful tool in many product development processes — ensuring that the right products get to market in the fastest possible time. Clarks is a fantastic example of how an established UK company has adopted new technology to achieve a cleaner process. And I just love the "Britishness" of this design.

Process: ink jet (ZCorp - colour)

The Nexus Choker is designed by Igor Knezevic. This necklace is available from i.materialise's gallery. I voted for this in the company’s recent design competition because I just love it and would (will) wear it!

Process: Laser Sintering

This original, one-off titanium wedding ring is designed by Ann Marie Shillito in Cloud9 and 3D printed by i.materialise. It is personalised perfection — the bride is Ann Marie's daughter, Kari.

Process: Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS)

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