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Tuesday 26 July 2011

AM vendors missing a trick?

Putting together my previous blog post made me poignantly aware that the majority of additive manufacturing vendors (those that manufacture metal systems and/or those pointing predominantly at industry) have a very poor internet presence, some in terms of their own sites and most in terms of visibility on the social/business media sites. I think I already know why this is — from my own painful experience of trying to extract stories from them in the past — working with industrial clients, NDA's are everywhere and they make it very hard to promote some of the most compelling additive manufacturing stories!

ZCorp and Objet are leading the way in making their presence known globally. They regularly publish their own blogs and comment far and wide on forums and social media sites. They are getting significant profiling as a result of their efforts. There is also a notable but more subdued presence from Stratasys, RepRap (& derivatives), Mcor and 3D Systems (although DDD gets a lot of coverage from many different sources due to its acquisition strategy - I am a good example!!).

They probably already know who they are, but just in case — EOS, Arcam, Optomec, Fcubic, Envisiontec, Renishaw (previously MTT), Huntsman, Concept Laser, Voxeljet and Sintermask. These are some great companies doing some incredible things with additive technologies — but you need to share more :-) 

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