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Thursday 7 January 2010

Working and Writing Well

During the last 48 hours I have received a couple of emails asking me why such sketchy posting in 2009!?

After the momentary euphoria — directly proportional to the realisation that at least two people (that I had not prompted and that are not related to me) had read what I had written — I had to concede that the blogging and forum concepts really do work. People like them, people use them, and if they are good enough, lots of people use them.

The answer to their question was really in the 2009 posts themselves! I was not convinced, I didn't really believe, and because of that it always slipped to the bottom of my list of priorities! During the recent holiday period I spent some time reading some blogs and monitoring some forums and decided that I would give it a go, a real go, and take it seriously by putting in the time and effort, on the premise that I had nothing to lose. I earn my living by writing in a quite formal way on a fairly serious topic, and it is quite appealing for me to have an outlet (apart from my journal) whereby I can write in a more relaxed way on any topic I choose, if I so choose. I am in good company, there are many, many writers and aspiring writers out there — just one exemplification of this is the Linked In group for writers and editors, which has in excess of 1300 members with new people joining everyday. It can be extremely motivational hearing other people's success stories and picking up useful hints and tips.

It's still early days for me, obviously, but it's fascinating on many different levels, and, it seems to be working — well, more than I thought this time last year anyway. Who knows, by this time next year I could have doubled my readership ;-)

Stay warm — could go down as far as -20˚C tonight.


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