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Wednesday 13 January 2010

Dimensional Improvements to uPrint

I've just received notice of the updated uPrint Plus 3D printer from Dimension Printing, part of the Stratasys stable. It looks the same as the original machine released last year, and aesthetically, it would definitely fit unnoticed into any design office. The major upgrade, along with a slightly bigger build volume and a new smart-support material, is that the uPrint Plus prints models in a range of colours.

ABSplus is the material that the printer utilises, and until now, this has only been available in standard ivory. Seven more colour options have now been added — red, blue, black, dark grey, olive, nectarine or fluorescent yellow. You can only build in one colour at a time! With two resolution settings for printing (0.254 mm and 0.33 mm) I am looking forward to seeing some of the parts that come off the machine, which, just in case you were wondering, costs just under $20,000.

I will sit them next to the Z-corp colour models that I have (part of my collection over the last 15 years) and some RapMan parts that are made in ABS (red, blue, white) and I will feedback my thoughts here as soon as poss!

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