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Monday 14 June 2010

Clever, Canny or Just Cynical and Gimmicky?

So 3D Systems and some of its distributors are offering trade-in deals for a ProJet 3D printer.

The logic of replicating a very successful business model is undeniable, whereby users of 3D printers can 'trade-up' to a ProJet. Beyond the logic of the idea and the gimmicky rhetoric, which goes something like this:

For a limited time only, we will credit you up to US$15,000 toward the purchase of any new ProJet 3000, or a new ProJet 5000 3D Production System when you trade-in your existing 3D printer.

... the reality is that the customer will be surrendering their exisiting 3D printer for up to $15,000 off a new ProJet, that costs in the region of $60,000.

Furthermore, 3D Systems also lists the equipment brands that can be traded in:
  • Stratasys
  • Dimension
  • Objet
  • Z-Corp
  • Envisiontec
  • 3D Systems' InVision series 3-D modelers. 
Obvious choices perhaps, but it begs the question, if this offer works, and even one person takes it up, what will 3D Systems do with the old machine(s)??? 

Any suggestions?

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