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Wednesday 12 May 2010

The Only Way Forward in British Politics?

We have the big picture established, with the details to follow.

The Tories and the Liberal Democrats have formed a full-on coalition, which has been achieved following serious and comprehensive negotiations. Compromise on both sides and a real flavour of hope and optimism. That is my own sense of this result, the two parties in question seem largely to have bought into it too, and there is even a notable number of Labour MPs that concede this was the only stable way forward. Of course, you can not please all of the people, all of the time and there will be dissenters.

With two young, dynamic, positive personalities leading this new era in British politics the potential is great, along with the weight of expectation. They both hold pertinent ideologies, and ideology is all very well, even admirable, but this country is faced with some difficult realities. And it is the realities that need to be dealt with. With this in mind, the fact that no one party holds a majority means that the issues and the problems will all be faced on middle ground out of necessity. I really like this idea. Recent history has demonstrated to me that one party pushing through ideologies with a majority has not worked well. This might!

It will not be easy — it is unlikely that passionate, sometimes arrogant and self-interested, personalities will change overnight. Passion is good. Arrogance and self-interest is unhelpful. The dust needs to settle, but that watershed moment I mentioned yesterday may be here as the face of politics and politicians (literally and figuratively) changes. Will it be for the better? I truly hope so.

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