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Friday 18 December 2015

2016 3D Pioneers Challenge is Pushing Boundaries & I'll be a Judge of That!

I will be a member of the jury for this annual design challenge in 2016, which has been opened for entries today by the Messe Erfurt in co-operation with d.sign21. The 2016 International 3D Pioneers Challenge (3DPC) for 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies is specifically aimed at designers who are breaking new ground in the field and who can demonstrate an understanding of the key trends in the industry.
The #3DPC seeks to uncover 3D printing design specialists from around the world who are thinking outside the box and pushing boundaries with a focus on key vertical markets, namely Architecture, Automotive, Fashion, Design and Medicine.
With a total of EUR 15,000 of prize money on offer; it will be awarded to successful submissions from across these verticals that explore the questions posed by the organizers Simone and Christoph Völcker:• Where does using additive manufacturing make sense, today and in the near future?• How can it be integrated on a conceptual and practical level into areas such as hybrids, the Internet of things and Industry 4.0, or help to drive them forward?• Who are the pioneers today that are combining the latest technologies and developing practical applications, integrating them into existing processes or creating brand new, trend-setting concepts?Apart from me, who will likely add the “Ooooh” and the “Ahhhh” value, there will be a number of other, way more qualified members on the judging panel ensuring democratic, objective results, including Francis Bitonti, Florian Horsch, Dr Sascha Peters and Andreas Velten among others. As I said, the competition is open for submissions as of today, with a closing date of March 30th. The work of the selected finalists will then be presented at a special exhibition during Rapid.Tech & FabCon 3D event in Erfurt in June, after which they will be taken on a roadshow to a number of international fairs. So, for new or established designers looking to break into these vertical sectors there are a number of benefits to participating in this challenge — not least the potential exposure of their talents. The cash wouldn’t go amiss either!

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