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Thursday 1 October 2015

Back to Basics

After three years, I have finally figured it out: I am most productive — and happy — when I am just me. So after a summer epiphany, with a number of contributing factors, I am going back to basics. At the most basic level, it comes down to the fact that I love the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry — the tech, the people and the wonderful things that are achieved with it.

Watching and commenting on an industry that I love and have been a part of (albeit on the fringes) for the best part of 20 years, it has been amazing to watch its evolution and growth. In all honesty, there have been periods of disillusionment — I can think of no 20 year relationship that doesn’t go through such times — the most recent being the result of the seemingly endless hyperbole and nonsense. Thus it is about accepting and handling these issues in the best way possible. The hyperbole is par for the course, and the nonsense…. well even that has some value in terms of raising awareness, but it also endangers the real value this amazing technology has to offer, so it needs managing, and sometimes, redress. It is vital, now more than ever, to keep it real, warts and all. So, for me it’s time to (re)embrace the evolution and get back into the middle of it all here on my RPES blog and use my voice again. Returning to freelance status supports these efforts — in terms of time, flexibility and independence. That said, full disclosure is important on the media front, I do still have a freelance affiliation with Disruptive Magazine and will continue working on that magazine because I fully support the honest vision behind that project in terms of high quality, original content about 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

If you want to get in touch, about anything to do with additive technologies and the end-to-end solutions that are burgeoning, or you have an opinion on the nonsense feel free to email me: rachelp@rp-editorialservices.co.uk

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