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Wednesday 19 September 2012

3D Printing and RPES Catch Up

Not quite sure what happened to summer, but it's been a busy one. I don't even really know where to begin to catch up here on my own blog - I have been so caught up writing for other people.

Actually, that's where I'll start, with a mini bibliography of my recent published work, just so you know I'm not making this up! ;-)

Obviously there are the posts on Personalize — all 18 of them:

Also, I started a series on Engineering.com about 3D printing and barriers to adoption. That started out as a single post but developed a life all of its own — thanks must go to contributors: Kevin Quigley, Russell Beard, Jez Pullin, Rachel Trimble, @RichRap and Magnus Bombus!

First three have been published, and I think the last one is scheduled for next week.

Part 1, looking at costs of 3D printing is here; part 2 covers materials and surface finish/accuracy and can be found here; and part 3, published today, covers 3D data and is here.

I've also conducted and written up some interviews for Innovate3D & CADdigest. Some inspiring stuff going on:

BeautyBit™ – a Broken Nail Leads to an Invention

Inventor Profile: Julie Hyde Edwards’ re-Contour™

North American Eagle Using Modified Jet Fighter in Land Speed Record Bid 

There has been the TCTLive Conference on 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing to finalise and prepare for. Just in case, it's next week (25th/26th Sept) at the NEC, Birmingham UK.

Plus have you seen all the news lately, so many new 3D printers — right across the board — from ExOne and Sigma Labs with new metal systems. New entry level machines include the Pandabot, Eventorbot and the HYREL. There's a really interesting new one coming next Wednesday from Formlabs too — this one is causing much excitement as a few details start to leak. I've been promised more info by the end of the week — I'll share here if my source comes through!

And then of course there is the big announcement from Makerbot in approximately 5 and a half hours. The pre-announcement announcement that is so de-rigeur these days came with a slight twist as the cover of Wired Magazine — depicting Bre Pettis holding the latest gen Replicator — was "leaked". It was a nice touch, I have to say.

I have an announcement of my own to make soon too, but fear not, it won't be pre-announced!

I hope to see some of you in person next week .... take a deep breath, TCT is always a wild ride!

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