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Tuesday 17 July 2012

Mojo Man is in My House

Last week, at the International Conference on additive manufacturing and 3D printing, I got to see a Mojo 3D printer in action for the first time, courtesy of Dave and Mark from Laser Lines — two long standing members of the AM community that know their stuff inside out and who both have a wicked sense of humour.

The newest addition to Stratasys' family of 3D printers, Mojo is a professional FDM printer that would sit comfortably on a large desk, I'm not going to regurgitate the press release here, but I will point you to Todd Grimm's review of the machine, which is here. (It's a good review which I think is why Stratasys have advertised on the site! :-/) Anyway, at the show last week, Mojo was snuggled between a Fortus machine and a Dimension machine and therefore looked small. Up close though, it's not that small, but very manageable it seems. It was printing throughout the show days, and one of the things is printed is this little man. A few people requested close ups, so here you are:

Cute, huh? Jamie will be wanting to draw a face (and other things I imagine) on him as soon as he sees him.


  1. Thanks for posting these.

    Now all you need is to 3D scan a face, merge it to the Mojo Man and away you go ;-)

  2. Hmmm interesting prospect — question is, whose face??

    Suggestions please??

  3. Update: I underestimated my son. Rather than wanting to draw on MojoMan, he asked me if it was made on a Connex, like the car! He is now also a fan of Mojo, particularly seeing as we don't have to sell the house to buy it.

    For back story to this, see http://www.prsnlz.me/blogs/rpblog/out-of-the-mouths-of-babes-my-babe-actually

  4. *Very* impressive quality !

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