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Monday 5 December 2011

Frogs in the Post!

Actually, a courier delivered them to my door, snuggly packaged in oodles of polystyrene pieces. The bin men are going to have fun with my recycling on Wednesday!!

The frogs, yet to be named, are the latest addition to my 3D printed collection, courtesy of Gary Miller (aka @RPGary) from IPF Ltd. Frogs have been a 2011 3D printing theme for us, as well as Vanessa Palsenberg (@belgiancanuck) at imaterialise — a bit of an in joke really, since I noticed one on the imaterialise blog earlier in the year. Not exactly sure how it escalated, but it did, and now I have two 3D printed frogs, which make me smile, a lot.

The frogs are brilliant but even better is finding kindred spirits when it comes to positively promoting 3D printing & having fun doing it.

Gary is a fantastic ambassador for 3D printing and additive manufacturing. His company is working with industrial grade 3D printing processes — specifically those from Objet, Envisiontec and Stratasys — building prototypes and models for designers, engineers and manufacturers across a wide range of industries. His success, I am sure, comes from a rare combination of in-depth knowledge, out-going personality, a penchant for social media and fun that both engages and reassures simultaneously.

The frogs were accompanied on their journey by an eclectic mix of other 3D printed bits and pieces — all of which demonstrate the versatility and material options from the additive processes IPF has in house. The dominant feature was the digital materials from Objet — the ability to print multiple materials within the same build and therefore incorporate different material properties within the same part. This is still unique in the industry and an excellent selling point for the PolyJet process, via the Connex platform, particularly for cost-effective prototype builds. IPF is still the only bureau in the UK with a Connex machine. In addition the 3D printers at IPF are supported by other services including CNC machining and laser cutting/engraving — all geared to supplying superior quality parts.

Anyway, it is great to have, in my living room, a daily reminder of just how far 3D printing has come and what it can do. I can’t help wondering what the collection will look like in 10 years though?

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  1. A really good post man, very thankful and hopeful that you will write many more posts like this one.


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