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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Two New Kids for 3D Printing

There are two new entry level 3D printers hitting the market — Printrbot (no, that's not a typo) & Fabbster.

They both look very interesting and will be competing in the same space, which is a different discussion all on its own!

The Printrbot is a kickstarter project that was looking for funding. It's hit the headlines because a week in and the project had surpassed 600% of its funding aims. This in itself is a great achievement, but it also speaks volumes about the awareness of 3D printing and the belief that this technology is going to make a huge difference. The printer itself is still only in the beta stage of development. The new funding will take it into the realms of a commercial product, and the Printrbot website is current, honest & with no small hint of national pride as it sets out the aims and ambitions of the project.

Here's a flavour:

"One particularly exciting development is the opportunity to partner with an established local manufacturer of educational and DIY projects - including robots and whatnot.  We are in talks to partner in a move that would change the world of consumer 3D printing forever - bringing 3D printers to the masses at a price never before seen.  It's a pencil sketch on the back of a napkin at this point, but some really great things came off the back of a napkin, ya know."

There have been no price point numbers quoted at yet though.

Printrbot website: http://printrbot.com/

And then the Fabbster was unveiled today at Euromold. This one has been at least a couple of years in development, and I have heard whispers about it on & off, with increasing noise more recently as the launch approached. Coming from the Sintermask and Netfabb stable, this 3d printer has a good pedigree and it goes without saying that the software will be very strong, and it all runs from a standard PC, which does move it towards mass use. The quoted price point is €1000, with first deliveries scheduled Q1 2012.

Fabbster website: http://www.fabbster.com/

Both of these 3D printers are also citing that ease of construction (time & effort) are a novel selling point. Indeed this has been problem for 3D printer kits. And if this corner has been turned, then the market space will increase. For mass use, they have to be quick and simple to install and start running.


  1. The Focus Press Website ran a comparison about those two 3D printer models. It seems that both are economically viable for 3D printing.

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