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Friday 11 March 2011

My Life Begins Tomorrow — Allegedly!

However, if one more person tells me that is so and/or that "40 is the new 30" then a screaming episode may not be out of the question.

40 is 40, 30 was 30 and 18 was 18!! Incidentally, Robbie had it so right, youth is TOTALLY wasted on the young.

Truthfully, I actually do not feel the need for my life to begin — or change in any way — my sincere hope and prayer is that it will continue as is, with a healthy balance of joy and angst, and even those "nothingy" days when little happens except life in general.

I cannot deny that there is a degree of trepidation, mostly prompted by questions along the lines of; "Mum, what's it like to be old?" The answer to which was; "I'll let you know when I am."

This satisfied me, not so much my six year old son who has not held back on voicing his conviction that 40 is positively geriatric. I don't blame him of course, as I am not quite so old that I have forgotten memories of similar sentiments at an early age also.

I would like to think that I am approaching the aging process in much the same way as my own mum — a much respected and appreciated role model of mine — with grace and elegance, an appropriate sense of style and minimal intervention (just a great dentist and hairdresser).

I get that this is a milestone, but it is one that, if I was the only person in my life, I would happily and quietly let pass by without fuss. Fortunately, I am NOT the only person in my life, and THEY want the occasion to be suitably marked.

And so it will be — party on!

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  1. Being old is exactly like being young...but for a longer duration.


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